PX 708 A and Nero

Hello Community !
My prob is, that my Plextor PX 708A ( FW: 1.04 ) is recognized by nero only as a 4x-Drive… i ’ ve already installed the reg-patch of Ahead, but nothing changed… the recorder information of Nero 6 still shows " 4x "

Any ideas ??


  I'm fairly new to this thing too so don't take my suggestions too seriously ;)  Where are you seeing that your drive is only registered as being 4x?  I'm not definite, but have you tried putting in some media that may be qualified to be burned at 8x?  I know that without anything in my drive, it shows as being capable of doing a a 40x cd-r burn and if i have no dvd+r media in it and chose burn I have either "maximum" or "2.4x" available no 4x or 8x.   If this doesn't help shoot back another post because I'm having problems burning at 8x too (I'm using Verbatim 4x dvd+rs btw, media code MCC 002)!

Hi, thanx for your reply… I’m using the 4x ricoh media, which are declared to be 8x-able…it’s strange, but i remember, i burned that media in 8x-mode before, when i used a former version of nero 6…
I see that 4x-registration in the “recorder-informations” of nero 6, where the highest burning-value changes to 4x-speed, whenever i insert that kind of dvd+r media… :confused:
So i installed a patch of ahead, which should offer a free speed-decision for the user without any automatic speedtest, but it didn’t work at all…

Hey Again,

 I don't know if this is a cure or just something that happened by coincidence, but I read in other post that Nero doesn't report the actual speed of a burn but the speed that was selected.  So even if you select 4x it just might burn at 8x and vice versa, which kinda stinks.  As a result I followed some instructions in this post so that Nero would display the true write speed:


entered a new value in the registry, and presto magico fixed. My 4x media said it was burning at 8x but it took 13 minutes to complete. After the registry update I finished a dvd that was 3.75 gigs in 7:15 minutes! Again, don’t know if it’s coincidence so I’m going to burn another dvd soon, but give it a try, it just might work :stuck_out_tongue: G’luck

Your Ricoh media probably only works at 4x and not at 8x. I’m almost certain that when you insert a ‘real’ 8x disc Nero will report the drive as 8x recorder. Try some other media that’s on this list!

Oh and for Nero: it can only report a higher recording speed and not a lower recording speed. So for instance: if you selected 8x, then the recorder might be using 4x instead. If you selected 4x, the recorder will not record at a higher speed (like 8x). Just so you know :wink: The registry trick for Nero will force Nero to show the actual recording speed instead of the selected speed.

Hi Guys,

 Sorry for reporting the wrong information...hate when that happens :eek: but thank you for correcting me G@M3FR3@K, now I know and knowing is half the battle!