This is the new slim USB drive. What type of burner is in the enclosure? It is not the NEC 6650, because the speeds don’t match exactly.

The NEC will only support RAM with the coming 7550 (or 7750 , I’m not sure about it but maybe this ref.).

605 was OEM Matshita SW-9573S, so maybe this one is from same manufacturer.

There are refs in this forum about the 750 being TEAC/BenQ based, after someone guessing about Panasonic roots (9585).
So it would be interesting to see if Plextor is getting drives from dif sources, when it comes to normal internal or this one.

By the way, its a pitty Plextor just has USB 2 in this drive, as they used to use double interface (firewire/USB) in their external drives+

Not with slim external units (for obvious reasons): PX-S88TU, PX-PH04U, PX-FD1U:wink:


Tks for info, but just knew about “normal” drives.

I haven’t yet found a drive matching the speed specs of the 608U. :sad:

So we might have a chance to get “real” slim Plextor :rolleyes:

This would be great but I don’t think so. This would be their first “homemade” super multi.

Super Multi is becoming so trending that the surprise starts to be not having it, and running the concept project should be possible for them…as nobody expects them to produce all the bits and bolts…and even to produce the actual drive.
Being a good drive and having the chance to use Plextools would be a great thing.

In this case i would like to have an internal version of it.