Hi, some help please.
I have to change my notebook’s drive, and i was looking at PX-608AL.
Is there any review or useful information about performance and writing quality of this unit?
I’ve read in another 3d that PX-608AL should be a rebranded Panasonic drive.
Any information on the Panasonic one?
Thanks in advance.

I believe the 608AL is based on a drive from Pioneer. (I have the 608CU and that one seems to use hardware from Pioneer).

Since 608AL and 608CU should be identical, what is your experience with your drive?

I think it is deffinitely Pioneer, as only Pioneer produces slot in Slim drives. Generally Pioneers are very good drives. They have long slot in experience with car CD stereo stuff.

Anyway I had read that it was a Panasonic UJ-855 here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=190617&highlight=608cu

So far the drive seems to be ok. One minor thing is the burn strategy - which is Z-CLV, meaning the total burning time could be a bit slow compared to other drives using CAV.

Thanks Jan70, excellent quality…on excellent media :wink:
Is the writing quality fair, even with poor media?
I’m interested mainly on 16X DVD-R media.
Thanks in Advance.

It is Pioneer no doubt about that…The whole 608 series of slimdrives and external drives is made by Pioneer.

Ok, specifications look very similar to Pioneer DVR-K06

The Px-608U is a Matshita (or something similar).

Never heard about Matshita producing slot-in drives.

Concerning notebook drives and their burning times I don’t know why so many drives still stick to the Z-CLV. CAV would cut the times down quite a bit, even with limited RPM in small drives.

After my experience with 708A, i think that a good writing quality, coupled with a very wide media compatibility, sometimes worth a 3 minutes longer writing process. I hope to find this in 608AL.:cool:

@ Jan70

(I have the 608CU and that one seems to use hardware from Pioneer).

Can you post the TLA ?

Hi erwinsmall, and welcome to our forum.

My unit does not have a TLA number marked on it.

on the package ?

Yes, TLA # 0000

I have just purchased PX-608AL, and DISCInfo shows it as Pioneer drive.
DVR-K06 is what it seems to be the original one.
Anyway, it comes with firmware v1.01 w/ cable select.
The only problem I have is that it is shown as Slave drive, althought it’s connected to the end of IDE cable alone. I’d like to make it work as Master, but guess there’s no way for me to do so. :frowning: