Px-54ta, Px-116a



Does anyone have any experiences of ripping cd’s with PX-54TA cd-rom or PX-116A dvd? These brand new and very cheap :wink: drives are supposed to be supported in Plextools Prof.

Any links to reviews would be appreciated, too.



from what i have seen of the plextor DVD drive it is just an pioneer DVD 120, wich is generally not a good thing for reading protections.
i had two pioneer DVD drives (116 and 117) and they both suck when it comes to protection reading. that was one of the main reasons to swap it for an Asus DVD E616
Asus is a bit slow on media reconation but reads (data) protections without any problems.

so if the pioneer 120 is just as bad as the 116/117 you better stay away from the plextor version of the pioneer drive.


Yep, I already have the asus e616 :wink: But you can’t use plextools with that, so I am thinking of changing it to plextor-dvd. I don’t really believe that protection reading capabilities are depending on hardware mechanics but in firmwares, so if a manufacturer wants to make good audio ripper, they can choose to do or not to do that.

Most recent Plextors, like DVD-Recorders and external drives are manufactured by other vendors, but Plextor does the nice finishing touch with their firmwares, plextools, product warranties and so on.

I am seeing 2 options for me----- first: buying px-116a and taking out my asus or
buying px-54ta and adding that to computer (losing one 5 1/4 bay :frowning: )

any opinions??


Even though this reply is a few months late, I sent an E-mail to plextor sounding very assured that it was only a pioneer re-labeld drive and asked wether this had any influence on firmware development. This is what I got as an reply

Dear sir ,

This is a plextor drive like any other plextor drive.
As soon as there’s a need for a firmware update we’ll release a new
Although at this moment we don’t have any information when there will be a
new firmware.

Kind regards ,