Px-504a speed problem

hello guys
plz take a look at the upper pic (screen of the german nero 6.0 cd writer software)

nero tells me that my recorder (plextor px-504a) is on capable of 2.4x dvd writing and has no buffer underrun protection (schutz vor pufferleerlauf) - a few lines under this i can check burn-proof on or off

something is terribly wrong with this writer :wink:

thx in advance,
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And that"s mine from DiskJuggler:

Fake info from Nero, i don"t know, never used it.

Here’s my information, using Nero v6.0.0.28:

Which Nero version are you using? It may be worth to upgrade to the latest version. The 2.4x recording speed might be detected because you have inserted a disc that only support burning at this speed. Please make sure that you are using a DVD disc that can be written at 4x. Does this solve your problem?

just inserted the verbatim original disc - it only shows up 4x speed - with a prime-on 4x dvd it does not work (2.4x speed)

i’m using nero - just installed a registry fix wich should solve the wrong speed thingy - this worked, but nero still detects the prime-on disc with 2.4 - but i can write with 4x speed

if i eject the disk, nero says it’s a 16x cd writer :wink:

the non burn proof capability thingy is still there

The Burn-proof detection is wrong, have you disable Burn-proof in PlexTools? You can try upgrading to the latest Nero version and see if this solves your problem. The other things you described sound normal to me. When you don’t insert DVD media Nero will list the CD-recording speeds instead. If you insert DVD media that the Plextor cannot write at 4x Nero will report the maximum write speed (2.4x in this case).