PX-504A + Firmware Question (and others)


I have just aquired this writer and it’s my 1st DVD writer. I downloaded and ran PX-Info and it lists the firmware as 1.00. Looking on the firware section 1.01 and 1.02 are available. Do I have to install in that order or just 1.02? Also, its mentioned:

to disable Auto Insert Notification
to connect the drive as Master to the secondary port
to disable Intel Ultra ATA driver or SIS IDE BUS Master driver

I have done the first two… can someone expand on the third item in regards to where I go about doing this.

And finally, before I run to BestBuy and grab some of their Memorex DVD -R media that’s $1 per disc, can someone offer some recomendations for good media with this drive?

Thanks in advance!

When updating the firmware of your drive you can just install the latest version, it will also have the changes of previous versions in it. Generally there is nothing to it, just start the exe file and select the drive you want to flash and let the program do its stuff. After rebooting everything should be set and working. If you don’t have any Intel drivers installed you can forget about this. I also never disable auto insert notifictation and DMA when flashing a drive and as of yet I never had a problem. I generally do a fresh boot (so no programs are active), shut down any software that’s running in the background and flash the drive. This has never failed me so far. If you want to know which media works well for your drive then take a look at the media list. Before you go out and buy DVD-R media note that the Plextor PX-504A only supports DVD+R media!

LOL… I can’t believe I typed in -R :eek:

Thanks for that link! I am trying some FujiFilm currently I bought from BestBuy. So far so good, but its nice Plex give you that list.

Thanks again.