PX-40TW SCSI and DAE Speed

Hey guys, I don’t have any problems just a question. I have the SCSI Plextor CDROM drive PX-40W and I am using Musicmatch to rip music. I get on average about 20x DAE. I was wondering if this is where I should be with this drive, or if there is some way to optimize this with different ripping software or what not. And I was also wondering if this is a pretty good speed, comparitively. Thanks

I first checked their site to verify whether we are talking about the same drive, cause I have a Plex40TS. This seems to be the case: http://www.plextor.be/English/products/px40max.html :slight_smile:

This link states: "Capable of Digital Audio Extraction at high speed (17X-24X) with high precision (automatic jitter control) "

But with “digital audio correction” disabled in Musicmatch I usually get ripping speeds up to 27X-30X when ripping to mp3.
Are you ripping them to .wav or to .mp3? And what are your PC’s specs? Ripping to .wav is limited to the drive’s DAE, but ripping to mp3 could be limited to the CPU-power.

Maybe you can check if Musicmatch’s audio correction is disabled (only when ripping new, clean discs though). It might get faster.

I remember too, that higher ripping speeds can be achieved when upgrading musicmatch to the power edition or something like that.

Have you used Nero’s CDspeed with an audio CD? It measures the DAE capabilities of your drive.
Or you might wanna try Plextools to rip your cd’s. It can be found on their site (www.plextor.be)

Hey Wannes Thanks for the reply.

I’m ripping to mp3 and my relavent specs are as follows:

2x Athlon 1600MP’s
Tyan S2460
Seagate Cheetah 18.4 gig 15K RPM (OS drive)
WD1200JB (this is where I rip the mp3’s to)
512 Reg DDR
OS = Win2k Pro

I have the Plus/Premium thingy of Musicmatch. I think it’s pretty fast but just checking. Would better software improve things? I don’t want to sacrifice quality or drive integrity though. Thanks in advance

Depending on the software you use, you can get much higher DAE speeds. This ofcourse ain’t really good for the qaulity of the rips. With Audiocatalyst you can reach speeds above 40x (strange huh?)!

Your system is clearly fast enough to allow fast rips.:wink: So it’s probably the error correction that kicks in and pulls down the speed.
Like you said, it’s not worth to sacrifice quality, so don’t disable error correction on older or “dirty” discs.