PX-40TS Audio CD Problems

Hi guys
I’ve got a problem with playing audio CDs with PX-40TS. I enabled the digital output in the device manager in WinXP, but when I played with WMP it says there is an error occur when reading in digital mode. and when I use winamp to play it, there is no sound coming out and no activity from the spectrum analyser. but when I use Plex manager it plays with no problem. Does anyone know what the problem is? I can play in analog mode and my Ricoh MP7040s and Aopen DVD all can use digital mode flawlessly.
Also why is it taking so long for the SCSI card to find the CD-ROM at booting? only if I open the tray then it will be found with no delay.

Thanks guys

Sorry, forgot to mention that I’m using SB Live with Kx driver in Win XP

it is a problem with winXP and Ultraplex 40x, 32x and may be 12/20x. I do not know why; in win9x systems this problem does not occur

Thanks a lot man!
That at least gave me an explaination.
Guess I’m out of luck!

This must be one issue with the winamp , the hardware have nothing to do with it …

Does it play with the media player ?

No it only plays in the Plex Manager.
Thanks for the contribution.

You can try Ahead nero too. It is capable of reproducing in digital mode with the Ultraplex 40x

If you want to fix this:

copy cdrom.sys from a w2k cd to the system32\drivers folder of winxp

Use a boot disk, because the file will be overwritten by XP immediately after replacing it

in dos mode, this doesn’t occur, the file will be overwritten permanently and the DAE works perfectly

try it, it works for me

Thanks Olaf van Hees, it works!!!
Thankyou all so much. Now it work flawlessly.
Thanks for all the support!