PX-230A reaches "End of Life"

PX-230A reaches “End of Life”
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Possible Premium2 coming?

Premium 2 is allready out since some months now :eek:

PX230A never was a remarkable drive. I am astonished that it took so long to reach “end of life” status.

I was a ‘plain’ CDRW drive (of BenQ design, i think), no more, no less. Other than that it was a pretty good unit. Germanys c’t magazine tested it (12/2006) in an article treating music and CDs, where it showed good reading and burning results and prooved to be largely unaffected by DRM-broken CDs.

IMHO the Premium2 does not replace this ‘value line’ drive (which replaced the Plexwriter 52/24/52). I rather suspect there will not be any replacemend at all.

I doubt that sales figures would be large enough so that one more value line CD burner could be sold with positive outcome for Plex.

Here I emailed sales and got this reply…


Unfortunately, this product is not yet available in the U.S. There is a
possibility we may release this drive before year-end but no official
announcement has been made. Please stay tuned!

Thank You,

Plextor Sales Team
Plextor LLC
48383 Fremont Blvd. Ste 120 | Fremont CA 94538 |
phone: 510 . 440 . 2000 | fax: 510 . 651 . 9755

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Subject: PlexWriter PREMIUM2/T3K in U.S.A.

I am interesting in your CDRW Drive “Premium2” for my business.

Where can I buy this in the U.S.A. as Retail (w/plextools software)?

Thank you very much,

I contacted Plextor; their quote was $175 per drive. :eek: