PX 230 Step Backwards?

As the Plextor homepage states the PX 230 burn rewritables in Z-CLV mode. All previous drives have done this in P-CAV. If they managed to callibrate laserpower for P-CAV RW in previous drives why not now? Z-CLV is quite a bit slower!

An even more basic step backwards is releasing a new CD-only burner in the first place. You had to wonder what made them think there would be any profit in that when DVD burners are $100 or less these days.

There’s a BenQ 52/32/52 CDRW on sale here for $19.99 (about US$16) now. I can’t even be bothered buying one even at that low price.

My impression of the PX-230 is that it’s meant to be a solid, stable and high quality “workstation” type burner.

Perhaps they felt this is a concession to high quality yet economically priced?

(I’m grasping I know…I’m very curious to know if this drive ends up being a re-badge and/or it can meet the quality standards of their previous 482448A and 522452 drives…)

I understand where you’re coming from. Nowadays cd-burning seems passe. However, I still find myself burning a lot more CDs then DVDs. Between SVCDs, basic data CDs, car mp3 CD mixes, etc I would guess my burn ratio is 3:1 CDs to DVDs.

I’m hoping this is Plextor’s economical long term replacement for the Plextor Premium drive, maintaining a high quality solution for audio extraction and basic day to day burning to provide a mix for home and business use…

(I’m NOT in Plextor’s marketing dept btw :stuck_out_tongue: )

not a replacement for the Premium (which doesn’t indicate “end of life” on the website yet). it’s exactly what agentk7 said, a lower cost yet high quality burner aimed more towards the corporate sector than home end users.

Heh, CD burning in a corporate environment? One corporate client of mine had CDs in their office PCs … that were specially disabled from playing audio CDs! I can just imagine what they would think of their 'droids actually burning CDs! :bigsmile:

cd burners are used for much more than just audio cd playing, ripping and copying in corporate environments.

I’m more interested in the new DVD Rom, the 130 i think. I want a SATA DVD Rom, Right now my DVD ROM and BUrner are on the same IDE channel and it’s annoying. And no, i didn’t get the 716sa because only NEw Egg had it and i didn’t want to go through the RMA process if it did not work correctly with my MOBO.

PS i dont know if it will be SATA, just hoping.