Px-17A writes photo-printable dvds?



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I have heard about the rumour, that the plextor px-716-A can write both sides of a cd or dvd. One side with data (that’s normal) and the other site with a picture or text (just like printing with a printer). Is that right? If so, are there any programs for that function?

hope you know, what I mean :wink: thanks in advance


No. PX-716A will not write on the other side photo or text.
For that You need LightScribe writer like BENQ1625, HP640


I ask Plextor Europe for LightScribe or any similar technology. Plextor answered on 15.03.2005 following:

Dear sir,

At this moment we cannot make any statement anout this technology.

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AFAIK Lightscribe does not use the Laser diode used for writing the CD/DVD but an additional diode. Unless someone came up with a way to use the main diode to do Lightscribe (or similar technology) I doubt a firmware update could introduce this feature to the 716a.


That’s a pity :sad:

It would be great, if the px-716A had this feature. It seems, that I have to use stickers at the moment…

@ all: thanks for the information


don’t use stickers/adhesive labels on optical media…it degrades the dye and can fuck up your drive. use a Sharpie or similar type marker/pen.


Hmmm… That can be. I thought that LightScribe works like the DiscT@2 technology from the Yamaha CRW-F1, only on the other side of the disc…


Apparent it doesn’t. :sad:


To clear up things: www.cdrinfo.com has a nice review of Lightscribe capable drives. They also have a look at the hardware involved:



@ drpino: oh, I haven’t known that. thank you for the hint


no prob =PreDator=…if you search here you’ll see that nobody recommends using adhesive labels of any kind.


I second that…
It hasn’t been mentioned that one can obtain really nice results with Photo Printable DVDs and a good printer like one of the Epson Stylus Photo Rx00 series (the cheapest one costs less than $ 100). :wink:

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Yap, results are great. But don’t even ask about the prices of
cartridges, almost as much as the printer. :frowning:


True. :sad:



I’m not sure what country you guys are in, but in the US very reasonable prices on genuine Epson inks are available at www.atlex.com.


Approx € 15 each cartridge here in Italy.



Canada, almost $90 for the set. I paid $110 for the R300.


The drive uses the same Laser for writing and printing the label. Check out CR-Info on a test of three LightScribe drives.


hey, what’s the story about stickers? any link that says degrades the dye? I thought the printable media also use “the same kind” of stickers.


it’s the glue used with paper labels. here are some posts i found:



If you watch for deals, you can pick up an epson rxx printer for cheap… I was actually paid $100.00 to take mine after all the rebates, pricematch, and coupon, for an epson r300. And I use coupons and pricematching and watch for sales, when I buy my ink. Last time I bought ink, I got 12 cartridges (2 each color) for $118.00 delivered. Printing photos, and cd/dvd’s, the ink lasts quite a long time, and it’s more than worth it for me…