Anyone got one of these DVD-ROM yet?, is it Plextor made or rebranded?, anyone got pics of the drive?


Well, I just got one. To my great surprise it seem it does not support PI/PO scans. Plextools Pro says it is not supported. Worst is I got it just for that. I assumed that since it comes with Plextools Pro it would support PI/PO scans :a


Could we get some pics of the drive please, who makes it?..is it just rebranded or something Plextor made themselves.


The other ROMS were rebranded Pioneer but I don’t know about this one. No surprise PTP won’t do Q Check on the ROM…no premium features like the 712.716.


I am especially interested in the DVD +R/RW read speed of the drive. My PX 116A2 only reads 9x CAV wich isn’t very fast. I would like to have one reading up to 16x (or at least 12x).


Well, PlexTools reports Vendor Plextor, firmware 1.01, buffer 512. BIOS reports PX-130A UDMA 5 (!!!). If I get the chance I’ll open the case and take a look at its label.


@dkef: the unit support silent mode? I mean, can be set with plextools to a reading speed like 2x CAV or 2-5x CLV and the setting is memorised in the firmware so - even if you change the operating system - the setting remain? I want a silent dvd drive to operate without need of Nero Drive Speed or anything like that loaded in the system memory at every startup.


Well, no, silent mode is NOT supported, the tab disappears when I select the PX-130A, while it is available if I select the PX-716A which is on the same IDE channel. Drive settings of PlexTools support CD and DVD read setting, as well as spindown time, but the drive does not seem to memorize the settings; when I rerun Plextools they revert to max speed. As for reading speeds, Plextools report DVD-ROM @ 2-5x, 3-8x, 4-10x, 5-12x, 6-14x and 6-16x CAV, DVD+/-R @ 2-5x and 3-8x CAV, DVD+/-RW @ 2-5x and 3-8x CAV.

The drive is very quiet, quieter that the fans of my case.


I just bought a PX-130A, and it’s very quiet indeed. I can’t hear it making any noise at all, so no need for silent mode. I previously had a Nec DV-5800, who was faster, but made a lot of noise, and choked on some CD’s of mine. I guess the PX-130A is not the fastest drive out there, but definitely one of the quietest.

Picture : http://www.ldlc.be/fiche/PB00026560.html :


Thanks for reporting johan67 and welcome to the forum. We wouldn’t mind it if you could post some Nero CD-DVD Speed Speed Test results here :wink:


Right now, I can’t do any Nero CD-DVD Speed Tests myself , because my pc is too outdated (should definitely change this year). But anyhow, found some pictures of Nero CD-DVD Speed Tests made by “JePe” on “www.forumdeluxx.de”, who I send a nice “danke schön”, while I 'll try to translate his post a bit.

CD-DVD Speed with original Video-DVD:


CD-DVD Speed with one-layer DVD+R FUJI 8x :
(YUDEN000T02, burned 16x with PHILIPS DVDR 1620K / Firmware P3.2)


CD-DVD Speed with dual-layer DVD+R VERBATIM 2.4x:
(MKM001, burned 6x with PLEXTOR PX-716A / Firmware 1.04)


A real rocket … is the drive apparently not, but it’s dead silent, and it reads “slightly damaged” DVD very well. Also the problems that the PX-116A3 had, could not be observed by our german friend, JePe, which I kindly :iagree: thank again.


Czech review:



Thanks for reporting guys! :wink:


The PX-130A is indeed both fast and silent. Also its DVD reading capability seems very good. But, I am not satisfied with its CD reading capability. While consolidating my old CDRs I have found several of them which the drive cannot read at places, whereas my PX-716A had no problem. Another complaint is that the drive comes either in black or white, with no option to chance the tray color (maybe I am spoilt by the DVD+/-RWs).

Finally, as I have reported in an earlier post, it does not support PI/PO scans, with current version of Plextools and firmware. I hope this changes in the future.


I saw a weird thing today. Although my PX-130a is running at UDMA5 reported by Bios and Intel Application Accelarator, Nero InfoTool shows that DMA is off on that drive. I don’t really understand it.


Maybe Nero InfoTool has problems detecting optical drives supporting UDMA mode 5. martyras, if you can use your drive to read discs at full speed then DMA will be enabled and you have nothing to worry about.


Using Sims2 DVD-ROM I get in Nero CD/DVD Speed:

Capacity 2.80 GB

Transfer Rate
Start 6.74x
End 13.59x
Average 10.56x
Type CAV

So I guess my drive is working at high speed. Probably you’re right G@M3FR3@K, InfoTool may have problems, so i should not worry.


What exactly were the problems with 116A3? I have an A2 and it works as it should.


Udma 5 - Ata100?


Udma 5 = 100.