I’m wondering why there aren’t any information about the new Plextor DVD-Reader PX-130A/T3BPB. It’s available since a week at my retailer. Would be very interested in hard facts and pre-reviews.



16x DVD-ROM; 50x CD-ROM
Access times: 90ms DVD-ROM; 100ms CD-ROM
Easy Plug & Play
Compatible formats: CD-DA, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, CD Text, CD Extra
(CD Plus),
Video CD, Photo-CD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW & DVD+RW
Supports Power Save Mode
Min. System requirements:

  • Intel Pentium III 500Mhz
  • RAM: 128 MB
  • Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP
  • 500 MB hard disk Space
  • ATAPI (E-IDE) Interface

Package contents:
Mounting screws
Playback software: WinDVD(InterVideo)
CD/DVD Utility software: PlexTools Professional
Fast Warranty Service


i guess they don’t sell ROMs in the US…


How fast does it read DVD+R / RW?


Im quite interrested in this drive.
In fact i was hesitating to buy a 116A, but the fact that its speed could not be reduced with the plextools wasquite problematic.
I seems that in France, some e-tailers claim to have it in stock, but there are no more details.
Konsolen, from what you say plextools is bundled with the drive, so there’s a chance that this drive doesn’t have the shortcommings of the 116A.
Another thing that would be interresting to know is if this drive is really a Plextor drive, or just the rebadging of another one, like the 116A.


I guess its also a rebadging. But time will tell!


any more info known on this drive?

no reviews to be found!

Ive ordered one and not sure if such a good plan now

Does anyone have any experience of it?





thanks for the links :slight_smile: