PX-130A problem! - help?

Ok, i just got this drive today brand spanky new and a retail version. Made in China and dated Febuary 2005, TLA 0001, firmware 1.01.

Drive is detected in BIOS and at the correct ATA 100 speed. I am using nForce4 Ultra and the latest NVIDIA drivers 6.53. Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-K8NXP-9 with the latest F4 BIOS.

The issue is everytime i run Pextools or Nero CD-DVD Speed i get the following error code “logical unit crc error (ultra dma/32) (040803)”

Does anyone know what this message means?..it’s weird if i manually change the DMA setting to ATA66/UDMA66 it works fine, as does my 716A.

Any ideas what is happening?

Are you running the nVidia IDE drivers? They’re known to cause all sorts of problems and I would first try to remove them and replace them with the default Microsoft drivers. If that doesn’t fix your problem, report back :wink: For more info on how to remove the nVidia drivers check out the FAQ: I am having strange problems with my Plextor DVD recorder and I’m using an nVidia based motherboard.