PX-130A any good?

Hi all:

Has somebody any experience with this DVD reader?
I’m interested in the DVD ripping speed (it will work with a PX-716A 0204).
How about it’s AudioCD ripping quality?


It isn’t even out yet in my country … but I fear it will be some re-badged 3rd-party drive (like the PX-116A1-A3) … so don’t expect too much from it.

All i would want is 16x reading of +R/RW.

Well I just got one. To my great surprise it does not support PI/PO scans. At least that is what Plextools reports. I am very disappointed. :a

May i ask where you got it?, purchased…i’d like to get one too. Could you also take some screen shots of what Plextools reports with this drive and what Nero Infotool states?

Also, does Infotool report whether the drive supports DL reading or not??

It could be that 2.19a does not support this drive fully as yet, so PI/PO scans may be supported…but just not with this version of Plextools.

I got it from www.e-shop.gr.

Plextools 2.19a reports:

Product: PX-130A, Vendor: Plextor, Buffer: 512K, Firmware: 1.01, UDMA 5 capability, DVD+R-DL capability, DVD+/-R 3-8x CAV (max), DVD+/-RW 3-8x CAV (max), DVD-ROM 6-16x CAV (max), CD Mode 1,2,Audio 20-50x CAV, CD-RW 14-32x CAV.

Nero InfoTool reports:
All DVD formats except DVD-RAM supported.

I’d open the case and look at the label but I do not have time right now. I’ll try another time.

Lets hope that PI/PO scans are supported with later version of PlexTools and/or firmware, because e-shop refuses to change it with another drive, although I have it only for one day.

PX-130A - I have this drive, it is not Plextor, it is OEM BenQ 1650v…

exact, I have got too
= benq

I’m not really impressed with the audio reading speed in programs, where you can’t select any speed settings. My old PX-116A did a much faster job on the same audio CD media?!

I don’t like all the speed up & down stuff. I want full speed on audio extraction, not half speed. In plextools you have to fiddle around with the settings all the time, as plextools pro has big problems remembering the settings, don’t know why?

If other CD audio extraction programs are influenced on how the plextools settings are, I don’t like it at all. You’ll get different kinds of speed settings. If its not selectable, I just want the drive to perform at its best. :wink:


Moef, as stated by Celsus & ano102 the PX130 is a Benq 1650V.

Plextor have however restricted the speed, probably via firmware, compared to the 1650V therefore by flashing to a 1650V you can get read speeds of 16X on DVDs and 50X on CD - see here

The TANE 1650V firmware which can be installed without any other programs is available here

Hope this helps.

Aha, thanks for telling keyap.

Feeling a little sad, as I bought the 130A drive for being a real plextor DVD drive. But will the firmware upgrade to BenQ, give me any problems in for example PlexTools, as plextool s maybe is looking at what firmware you’re using?


Hi Moef, sorry for the delay but it’s been a busy day!

I have however had chance to have a quick look at Plextools and although my knowledge is a bit limited (never previously used the tool), it would appear that the 130 is still recognised - now as a Benq 1650V.

The use of Plextools with either the 130 or 1650V does however seem quite limited, especially compared to your 755. All the test / scan functions are disabled. :frowning:

This seems strange :confused: as, although DVD-RW drives are generally used for scans etc, the 1650V should also offer this function.

A reg hack is therefore probably needed !!!

After looking at the registry it would appear that Plextools cannot be altered this way however, Nero CD/DVD Speed can :clap:

The key to change is:-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality\Blocked\

After ‘Blocked’ this line usually reads something like:-


Amend in to:-


After this CD/DVD speed is virtually fully usable, including quality scans, with the 1650V firmware on the 130. :cool:

The only slight problem is the questionable reliability of the 1650V scan. I have therefore tested a couple of discs using the 1650V and my DW1650. The DW1650 generally produces less errors however, the rise / fall of PIEs and PIFs are comparable. You can compensate for this a little by adjusting the scan speeds - X8 is the acceptable standard but, when the 1650V is scanning on X5 the PIEs and PIFs do fall (still not as low as shown on the DW1650 though).

On a final note don’t feel too sad - Benq drives are also quality products :slight_smile:

No need to be sorry, I’m happy that you replied :smiley:

Okay, I don’t know If I dare to upgrade the firmware. I also have to look at Nero Burning rom, the tips you gave about possible speed settings. But if the 130A works (with BenQ firmware) + a registry fix for using the scan possibillities, then it would be cool.

Thanks for all your help!


You don’t need a registry hack for getting this drive scanning in CDVD-Speed when you have flashed it to a BenQ firmware. This hack needs to be applied only, when you flash to this modified BenQ firmware with a Plextor ID-string (1.04) (kindly provided by !)et0nat0!2) which works very good for me, although reading +RWs seems to be limited to 2x-5x speed. On the other hand you get 12x reading for +R (tested with bitsetting to -ROM).

Just make sure that there is no disc in the drive while flashing and that you choose the right drive to flash as the drive/firmware protection had to be removed in this modified 1.04.