PX-118 for ripping

I have recently bought a Lite-On 16P9S for ripping with my 716a, but i have had a host of problems with disc compatibility even with pressed dvds. I never had this problem when i used the 716a as the ripper and burner… anyone know the availibility and the performance of the three? I dont really care if it is slower than the Liteon… i just want a drive that will see through problem discs I have been recommended the pioneer line which seems promising but i was just curious to hear how the plextor matches up. Thanks in advance for any replies =)

Plextor does not produce theyr own DVD-ROM drives. All DVD-Rom drives are OEM from other makers. My recomendation would be Pioneer or Toshiba.

Neither does Toshiba. They are rebadged Samsung drives.

I thought that the 130 was possibly a plextor drive. at least there is that thread here somewhere where they debate it but i dont remember seeing a conclusion

Hi :slight_smile:
The current Pioneer is the Plextor. Or is it vice versa. What the heck it’s the same drive.

Plextor uses Pioneer drives and Toshiba uses TSST (Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology) drives. Toshiba drives supporting RAM read are as far as I know based on Toshiba Chipset.