Why is this drive making so much noise? Is there a way to reduce that?

If its making other than a normal spin up or spin down sound, it’s either a very unbalanced disc (try other media) or a bad drive. If it’s noisy in seeking or initializing, it’s a bad drive.

By the way, “so much noise” is relative. Was it quiet before but not now? Never quiet?

The thing I don’t like about this drive is the fact that read speed connot be adjusted in PlexTools.

Yes… unfortunately it is not a “true” Plextor drive, but actually a Pioneer DVD-121:sad:

It would be cool to have a “true” Plextor DVD-ROM reader… possibly a top-class model like the Ultraplex 40Ts for CD-ROM readers! :cool:


Ultraplex 40 Ts even reads GigaRec 1.2 :bigsmile:

Great Ultraplex… :bow: :bow: :bow:

Cheers, :smiley:


The best thing is, when readin GigaRec 1.2 it achieves a maximum transfer rate of 7900 kb/s. Which is more than 52x reading! :bigsmile:

Heh, those UltraPlex SCSI drives rule. I still have my UltraPlex 32 installed in one of my boxes, still one of the best drives for reading copy protected Audio CDs. At the time it was released (and I paid a lot of money for it), all other CDROMs completely sucked at DAE, while the UltraPlex ripped Audio CDs ten times faster, in perfect quality that is.

Plextor used to be years ahead of the competition.

Anyone knows where I can get a new firmware chip for my good old UltraPlex 32? Mine actually is 1.03 and I think there could be a newer version!