PX-116A1/A2 SPDWIN for anyone who need it



I’ve adopted latest Pioneer SPDWIN tool for Plextor PX-116A2 and PX-116A1 drivers (they are actually 120 and 121 of Pioneer). Tested - works fine


Excelent … some of us should be grateful!


few comments regarding tool. as far as I remember PX-116A1 identified as PX-116A so this is value inside proggy but I can fix it if I’m wrong. is PX-116A3 rebadged Pioneer too? I can add if so.

but unfortunately this tool didn’t solved my main problem : half of CDR disks being read at half speed on my PX-116A2 :frowning: please tell me if anyone know solution. also, is it possible to reflash PX-116A2 into Pioneer 121? I will go for it if this solve my problem with CDR reading…


ps. I know about 24x limitation of PX-116A2 for Mode2 disks but it’s not the case. All CDRs read at 24x maximum were normal Mode1 disks