Hi !

Right now i have a Toshiba SD-M1802 and though it seems to be a good reader (from what i’ve read and my own experience) it also has some annoying drawbacks, such as great virations at high speed and a constant motor noise (i don’t mean the kind of motor noise that is produced by high RPMs, but some king of very high pitched sound that seems quite independent of the RPMs and only stops when the drive stops). Another annoying thing is that i have a black case, and the fact that only the bezel of the drive is black, and not the tray, kinda annoys me.

I’ve tried to gather some info about the PX-116 DVD reader, but i’ve not been able to find some reliable answers to some questions :

  • is the drive compatible with the plextools. I own 2 plextor burners and i love this software. The ability to control the drive’s speed with plextools is vital to me

[ul]as i said before i find that a black bezel drive with a beige tray is womewhat annoying, so what’s the color of the PX-116’s tray ?

  • is the drive subject to nasty vibrations (such as the tosh when it reads CDs at high RPM) or is it smooth like the Plextor burners

Last, but not least, according to what i’ve read, there were 3 versions of the PX-116, the first and second being rebadges of pioneer units. Is that right, and is it still right with the third version of the drive ?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

sorry can’t answer your questions cause i didn’t even know plex made DVD-ROM drives.

From what I have learn, the PX-116A3 is the first in the serie to report C2 errors.
(it seems like a Pioneer 122).
It’s drawback is the inability to change it’s read speed which is always “max” in Plextools.
It is very silent and always has a black tray!
It is not as good as a Premium at reading damaged media.
It is not as good as a Toshiba at playing backup games!
That’s all I can say, and having 2 “A2” I hesitate to buy an A3 for on the fly copy with Premium or PX-716A!

Thanks for the answers mardigan !
As you tell me, the drive’s speed can’t be controlled via the plextools. What about the other features of plextools, such as DAE and Q-checks ?

I don’t have one of these DVD-ROM drives but I can answer that Q-Check functions won’t work. Q-Check will only work with the Plextor Premium, Plextor PX-712A and Plextor PX-716A. The only drive that supports all the Q-Check functions is the PX-716A. The PX-712A support everything except TA tests. The Premium only supports C1/C2, FE/TE and Beta/Jitter tests.

Only the px-116a drive speed can’t be changed, so when doing on-the-fly copy, the read speed can’t be controlled. I don’t recall for DAE, but I guess it’s the same.(I have no px-116a online at the moment, sorry!)

Since Plextor PX-116A is actually Pioneer DVD-120 (OEM) drive, an hour ago I have downloaded the latest Pioneer DVD-120 RPC1 firmware (1.23) and moded it to upgrade my PX-116A with it in some way, and, guess what, It works. The drive is reported as Pioneer DVD-120 now, but what is the most important thing in this case, Pioneer SPDWIN utility for changing rotation speed in DAE and setting performance/quiet mode now works flowlesly :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

To mod original Plextor PX-116A 1.0 firmware just download RPC1 moded firmware (from somewhere, Google for it if You do not know where to find it) rename included Atplx100.hex file to atpio123.hex, edit some lines in Refinq.dat file to look like

ATPIO123.HEX // 0:
PIONEER DVD-120 // 1:
DVD-ROM PX-116A // 3:
1.23 // 4:
03/04/21 // 5:
A // 6:
FTC F8032TBO // 7:
ATPIO1.23 // 8:
BIN // 9:
20000 // 10:
000A // 11:
0 // 12:

and copy/paste the first line from the Plextor firmware (Atplx100.hex) that is missing in Pioneer HEX file (actually just add :020000020000FC as the first line), and reflash Plextor PX-116A typing “UPGDVD atpio123.hex” (without quotes) in command line answering no at the first question and yes at the second. Just check the size of the final Plextor/Pioneer “hybrid” HEX file (actually atpio123.hex file), it must be exact 368.687 bytes.

And that’s it. From now on Plextor PX-116A is reported as Pioneer DVD-120, and Pioneer speed tools work ! I have tested such a modded drive for about an hour, and it works OK, just as before, but don’t blame me if something will go wrong or if You demage Your drive in any way perfroming drive modding I explained, I wrote this just in educational purpose without any warranty in any way :slight_smile:

BTW utilities such as Nero DVD speed or CD Bremse are not capable to reduce rotating speed neither for Plextor PX-116A neither for Pioneer DVD-120.