PX-116A Problem reading Safedisc backups!



Just tried to backup my copy of Call of Duty CD1 (Safedisc 3) with Alcohol 1.4.8 b1222, and to my surprise it won't run in my 116A :a

It will work in my Plex burner (12/10/32S) with Plextools Hide CD-R media enabled however! No emulation was used like Daemon tools or Alcohol either.

Also, why is the reading speed of safedisc using the 116A abysmal? It takes about 20 MINUTES to read the bad sectors in CloneCD or Alcohol with Fast Skip on, yet takes 15 SECONDS using the same settings and my burner! 20 mins to read a few bad sectors is just disgusting for a Plextor unit!

Looks like re-installing my Shite-On 163D, at least it read all the safedisc backups I made previously!

Has Plextor succumbed to using cheap and nasty parts instead of making quality units?


Originally posted by Web-Junkie
Looks like re-installing my Shite-On 163D, at least it read all the safedisc backups I made previously!

You probably should do this anyway (and show this wonderful el-cheapo drive some more respect)) as it’s one of the very few drives that can reliably play back-up copies of safedisc 3.15 protected games. IMHO, it’s well worth an ide slot in any system. :slight_smile:


Thanks philamber, will do just that sometime this weekend!

I also tried a few SD 2.80.10 games I have and the same thing happens, plays in the burner not in the 116A :a

I regret buying this drive now!


I’ve now tried a friends PX-708A DVD burner (f/w 1.04) to try making backups of SD >2.8 and that just won’t cut the mustard either :frowning: I wanted to buy a new burner and the 708A looked like it would satisfy all my CD/DVD backup needs, WRONG!

The backups of safedisk 2.8/2.9/3 made in the 708A won’t run in any of his drives: PX-116A, 708A and 12/10/32S! If I make a copy in the 12/10/32S it works only in that drive using hide CD-R media in plextools.

No safedisc backup >2.8 I tried will work in the 116A or 708A!!

I used CloneCD with/without AWS using the 12/10/32S & 708A.
Also Alcohol with/without Bypass EFM using the 12/10/32S & 708A. Only backups made in the 12/10/32S worked, and only in that drive, my older 40Plex and LTD-163!!

I am now removing the 116A and drop kicking it into the dustbin in favour of the LTD-163, and I WILL NOT be buying a 708A but in all probability a Liteon DVD burner!

I’ve lost my faith in Plextor drives!


Web-Junkie, just out of couriousity, what will you say if you don’t like the Lite-On??? EVERY drive has it’s problems. I made a back-up of Call of Duty, Safe Disc 3.10 & I tried to install the game back on my computer but it wouldn’t work, but after I reinstall the game with original discs it works again but I do use the back-up of disc 1 to play the game on Both my Plextor & my Teac. I think from my experience it depends on the Quality of the CD that you burned, as I burned COD with 2 different makes of CD’s 1 was Maxell 16x & the other was Office Depot 48x & although either brand did a sucessful FULL backup, the Office Depot brand did a better copy although a bad one in a further test i did with a CD-rom, at which the Maxell brand was very hard to read. In fact the disc 1 COD of the Maxell would not auto boot & had to explore the disc & the cd-rom had a problem even doing that. I should say that this CD-rom I used is about 7 yrs old 12X. But it did like the Office Depot cheapos, Even thought I burn both discs at their max.I should also say that Both brands will work as a play disc.


what will you say if you don’t like the Lite-On???

Simple, I’ll have a few days to do some testing and if it doesn’t do what I want I’ll use my right to return goods within 7 days for a full refund and forget about Lite-On DVD burners :slight_smile:

I agree, every drive is not going to do everything you want, but my main gripe is the ability of a discontinued Plex drive to make backups that work, yet some of the latest Plex drives can’t? I’ve read about the Lite-On DVD burners being able to make Safedisc backups and thought I’d see if they’re true! If not, I’ll be back to reading the forums again!