PX-116A firmware

I was used copying video DVDs using PX-712A in conjunction with PX-116A as reader. With a few films, using compression because length, when first creating a folder to be burned later (with Nero Recode2), just before the end,
Nero says “error” and it stops transcoding. I noticed the speed of the reader seemed to be high (according the noise !).
I did the following test : using the -712A as reader : everything is fine.
I think the speed in reading is then 8x instead of probably 16x with the 116-A
(wich I can’t adjust)
Could it be a firmware (1.0) problem with PX-116A? (Or a software problem ?)

Probably dirt or scratches on disc. The 712 handles that kind of stuff better.

You are probably right, Surg, but nevertheless, I think a too high reading speed doesn’t
manage anything.
Thanks for reply