PX-116A Black DVD and the Plextools

I’m planning to buy a black DVD-ROM drive, and hesitating between the Asus E616, the PX-116 and the Toshiba SD-M1802, the only problem with the last one being that I’m not sure that i will be able to find one (it has to be black and it seems that the black version of this model is very hard to find).
I read on this forum that the PX-116 was a rebadged Pioneer drive (I think i read that the black version was a rebadged DVD-121), and that the old ASUS drives were good but the newer ones were rebadged Pioneers again… Since I own a Plextor PX-W5224A burner that works well when it comes to DAE or protected-CSs copying, the main use for the DVD would be watching and ripping DVDs. In the past i’ve had 2 Pioneer drives (DVD-105S and DVD-120S) that worked well for these purposes (or at least it seemed to work well for me, since people here don’t seem to like Pioneer drives very much), so the fact that the Asus and Plextor drives are in fact rebadged Pioneer drives doesn’t bother me that much. One thing that is very important to me is that the DVD doesn’t make too much noise while reading DVDs, and since Pioneer drives are not what i call silent, I was hoping that the speed of the Plextor drive could be reduced with the Plextools. The problem is that at the end of this post, it is said that the drive can’t be slowed down by the software, but on this page plextor says that this drive is supported. So I’m wondering what exactly can be done to the drive with the plextools, speed reducing, single-session mode… So if anybody who has this drive could do the test i would be very thankfull.

Hello… Nobody has this drive ?

Go for the Plex. I own a 1802 and am dissatisfied. It is a dreadfully slow ripper. If patched with unlocked FW it is so loud you would leave the room. With patched FW it can’t read bad burnt or heavily scratched DVD’s anymore.

There are two versions of the PX-116 … the PX116A is a rebadged Pioneer DVD120 whereas the PX-116A2 is a rebadged Pioneer DVD-121.

The black ones I have encountered so far are A2 versions which are inferior to the single A version when it comes to DAE (the A2 revision caches audio data and does not support C2 whereas the A revision does not cache and supports C2).

Personally, I own a PX-116A and its performance is satisfying thus far (DVD ripping average around 7,5-8x on DVD-9) if I disregard the layer change bug with Nero Recode/DVD Shrink…

Thanks for the answers.
JeanLuc, did you try to slow down the DVD reading speed using the Plextools software ?

No … I did not really see a need for slowdown yet but I will try to do so … but don’t expect Plextools to work properly with a Pioneer drive … although the DAE read offset is displayed properly ^^

Thanks a lot for checking this out. The fact that it’s a rebadged Pioneer drive is the reason why i’m worried about the plextools working properly.

I have finally managed to find a black Toshiba 1802, so the question about the plextools is no longer so crucial to me, though i’d still like to know the answer by curiosity.
I must say i’m quite impressed by the silence of the Toshiba. It is true that the DVD ripping speed is quite low, but since i don’t do so many DVD rips, everything’s fine !


the layer change bug with Nero Recode/DVD Shrink…

Could you explain that bug? I could not find anything about it.