PX-116 just a labeled Pioneer DVD-120?



The Plextor PX-116 is just a relabeled Pioneer DVD-120 ??
Maelstrom pointed this out several times in this forum. Can anybody give me some evidence on this (same FCC-ID or something) ??? No rumors please !!!


from the outside it is defently a pioneer DVD 120 with another front on it. cant open my drive because it is a test device, i have to return it to my supplier :smiley:
and the read performance of both plextor and pioneer is almost exactly the same.
so i give it a 98.5% change that it is a pioneer.


I always thought that the PX-116A was a DVD-121, are there two different models? a PX-116, and a PX-116A?


As far as I know the PX-116 and PX-116A are the same drive as the ‘A’ stands for Atapi, internal drive…