PW 40/12 - 2X Amber Blink

Drive won’t read or write anything. period. I don’t understand what happened, it was working great, and then just kinda blew up like a time bomb after only 2 weeks of use (4 flawless cd burns). The Blink Code Chart wasn’t of any use whatsoever. “Make sure the disc isn’t upside-down”; “Try another disc” I did a bit of research to find a solution to the problem myself, but only to find many testaments from unhappy Plextor consumers.

I guess I’m asking anyone for a solution, if any, to this problem before I ship it back to get repaired/replaced (called tech support).

This site is a great resource to me, and to many others I’m sure. Thanks in advance!:bow:

As you already know the 2 amber blinks indicate that the “auto adjustment” has failed. If the info mentioned in the solution don’t work then I think you’re out of luck and your drive needs to be repaired. Have you tried different media? Can you perhaps try the drive in another computer? If you can and the drive also fails there with different media then your drive is indeed most likely defective.