PVR to DVD Backup?

How would I rip the saved Hi-Def movies from my
Bell HD PVR & burn them to a DVD ?

They are stored on an external 1TB drive.

Apparently they are encrypted?

I currently have the DVDFab Platinum (full version)

What format do they have?
.trp mayber, so try tsremux and remuxer.

Tx for the reply chef,

New issue

I plugged the PVR via its USB to my laptop &
while the Device Manager “sees” it & its FAT32 partitions

My Computer > Explore does not list it

I opened the DVDFab Beta & the PVR drive is not available.

Perhaps the Bell PVR prevents it from being accessed via a computer…

the external HD is formatted ONLY for the unit it is formatted by. If you change receivers it will NOT allow you to view anything recorded on the other receiver. It will warn you that to use the HD it must be reformatted and all archived recordings will be erased.

Maybe its not FAT32 for real…