PVR/DVR question

Is there a standalone unit that does not require a paid service to use or does not track its use? i currently have 2 vhs’s and would like to upgrade to a hd recorder. some days of the week there are 3 shows on at the same time that i want to watch and the only way so far i found to watch them is to record 2 watch one. any other suggestions? I was looking to add pvr so i don’t have to keep track of tapes and can easly skip commercials and such. hi-def is not important yet.

so if there is not a pvr on market that does this, what do i need to make my own? and about how much would it cost? how hard to setup?
i have cable as my input.


maybe suggest another location i should post this to get a response?

There is such a device, here in the states anyway, I forget its name but it is digital and records up to 3 tv shows on different channells at the same time. I used to see commercials for it all the time. If/when I remember, I will add to this post.