Puzzling VISTA compatibility issue?



My hard drive caddy is on Channel 1 alone in the Master Position. It is seen in the bios on initial boot process BUT is not seen by Windows Vista. Reboot into Windows XP and it is fully functional. It is used only for storage–no operating system. Now–there is no driver or software issue here so why the difference??? If knowledge is power, I should be quite powerful by the time I make my switch-over to Vista?? (smile!!) //// Bobbo.


Which version of Vista are you using? 32-bit or 64-bit? Is this hard drive on a PCI IDE adaptor add-on card? What adaptor are you using? As far as I know, the my Promise Ultra TX2 133 IDE add-on card does not work in 64-bit. There are no drivers for Promise’s TX2 133 cards and never will be. Promise stopped supporting most of their older IDE add-on cards. I haven’t found one to work in 64-bit yet and one with good Vista driver support. Some older motherboards may not run very well with Vista.


Thanks Slayer - you let me see there are software issues. The hard drive is in a caddy–pata connectors throughout but right now it is on an “add-on” ide controller and I can well see that card might not be seen in Vista. I thought about moving the caddy around, but the room/layout in my case/desk is a bit restricted. I’ll check on drivers when I confirm who made my card. Both XP and Vista are 32 bit. Thinking some more, Vista DOES recognize hard drives that are connected on the same controller directly on the data cable. That lessens software issues down to zero doesn’t it?? Even in XP, the Slave position hard drive is seen in XP but the bios can’t boot from it.–A potential for 8 hard drives but can only boot from 7 of them, seems functional to me. But Vista doesn’t see the caddy drive but does see two other hard drives off the same controller. ((Again, the caddy is alone on the cable in the Master Position with jumper set to Master-No Slave Position))

Somewhat similar to the above is that my Voodoo 3 video card has dual monitors running in XP but Again Vista only sees one of the monitors. Makes sense to me it “should” see both or neither??? but thats not the way its working. I can accept on faith that its all about compatibility but like above, if it sees “half” the card, why not the whole thing??? Is software really that specific??? /// Bobbo.


Your wrong:

Ultra 133 TX2 52.09KB v2.1.0.3 Windows 2007/4/24 Ultra 133 TX2 Windows driver for Vista: