Puzzling behaviour in vista - locked files



I have an occasional problem on my vista Pc where I use DVD fab to customise a DVD which is already on the hard drive e.g. to remove some unwanted title set

What happens is that after I watch part of the output to check that customise has worked OK ( by opening video_Ts.ifo in powerdvd ) , then closing powerdvd, vista will not then let me delete or rename the DVD folder, it tells me that the VIDEO_TS folder is still in use.
When I have experimented further, I can go into the Video_TS folder & can usually delete all but one of the .VOB files, but one will be “in use”. yet when I reboot the PC, that file will have deleted also!

At first I thought this was a powerdvd v7 bug, because it only occurs after watching part of the DVD, but after complaining to them & being assured it wasn’t, I now wonder if some element of DVDFab stays actve after the rip has ended and the DVDfab program has apparently been closed. The version on my vista PC is

NB I can rename / delete all files & folders OK if I reboot the PC first.

NB I can’t reproduce the fault by just turning on the PC & then viewing & renaming dvd folders already on the PC, so I think it only happens after running a DVDfab process & that it only happens in Vista ( Home premium)

has anyone else ever encountered a similar problem ?


I’ve run across this a lot. It’s a Windows thing and very annoying! Google for “unlocker” it’s a little free utility just for this and a couple other useful things.