this is gonna sound sooo dumb… (and i am)…lol…

but I have loads of photo,s stored on my pc!.. if anything happened to my pc, I’d be gutted about losing all my precious photos… so I tried to figure out how to save them to disc… and I dont know how to do it!!!

I know it is a trivial thing to ask… but im new to pc,s really… saying that… after following advice from here… I managed to install and fit a new dvd burner…

how do I put my photos onto a disc…?..
not as a photoshow… but just to store for safe keeping…?

thanks again…



Open up Nero, you should have the New Compilation window open. Click New (bottom right), and you’ll be left with two panes - the one on the left is what’s going on your disc, the one on the right is the folder on your HDD (with your pics in).

Copy the pics over from the right hand pane to the left, then click the Burn icon. :slight_smile:


You could even make a vcd (picture disk) that would mean you would still have access to all your pictures like on a normal disk, but you would be able to watch it in your dvd player (if its supported)