Puzzled with latest backup problems

I was recently producing backups for some old movies and a TV series using Nero Recode, AnyDVD 6.3 and Nero CD-DVD Speed for quality control.

I have been using these programs certainly for over a year without any problems.

However, with these latest backups I got the following results:

  • Nero Recode advises that backup was successful.
  • Nero CD-DVD Speed advises 100% good results / all green.
  • When I try to see the backups in a few different DVD players, the image is randomly with pixelization, jittery and blocks at times!

This is the first time I face this situation! In the past, whenever I had a bad copy (which was rare), Nero CD-DVD Speed would give clear indications of that.

What is happening? What can I do?

Many thanks for any advice!


What media are you using? Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are the best and the only ones you should use. Don’t burn too quickly (say 8x on this high quality stuff).

And get ridda bloated trash like Ner0. Use ImgBurn instead.


I am using Verbatim.

I burned at 16x (maximum speed) and this could be a cause for my problems. Previously I have burned always at 8x tops.

But… how come that Nero Recode and Nero CD-DVD Speed do not detect the problems? As I said, previously Nero CD-DVD Speed would give clear indications of any problem. Is there another trustworthy program that I could run to check copy quality? It is not very practical to check each backup with a DVD player…

I have installed ImgBurn and will give it a try. Thanks.


When was the last time your Dvd player was cleaned?

[quote=just365;1944428]Nero CD-DVD Speed advises 100% good results / all green.[/quote]Sounds as you used the tab “ScanDisc” in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Try to use the function in tab “Disc Quality” instead. It should give you some more info. :slight_smile:

beef barley: I am getting the same problem in different DVD players and no problem at all with different DVDs. Therefore, the cause seems not to be a dirty DVD player.

Gummigutta: On the “Disc Quality” tab I have the “start” button in grey - and it cannot be initiated…


Some DVD burners don’t support that function. Sorry.

There is also DVDInfoPro.

Blu is right on the money with ImgBurn, with it’s booktyping ( DVD+R only) you can eliminate a lot of problems and is better than anything you would pay for. I stay away from anything with “Nero” or “Pinncale” in it’s name. As far as cleaning a DVD Diode you had better be really careful as the guides which hold up the lazer in it’s magnetic field are very fragile and burning at 16X is way too fast for any media. I use “Verify Mode” in “ImgBurn” and produce no coasters. I also burn only DVD+R now. I got a batch of Sony DVD+R’s on sale and the disc identified as Taiyo’s.

I was using Verbatim 16x discs and recording at 16x. Reduced the recording speed to 8x and problems solved.

Something that still puzzles me is the fact that Nero CD-DVD Speed would not signal the problems.

I followed Gummigutta’s suggestion and used DVDInfoPro to check the problem DVDs. Al green / 100% OK!

How can this be if in a few different DVD players, the image is randomly with pixelization, jittery and blocks at times?!

As I said, I am puzzled… and have a problem: how should I check the quality of my recordings in the future if I cannot trust these programs? What do you guys do?

Use ImgBurn in Verify mode. Use DVD+R and booktype your burner in ImgBurn to DVD-ROM.