Putting Video's (VHS) on you computers



Does anyone know any software that will allow me to put my VHS Movies onto my HDD. But will allow me to capture it onto my HDD with a full screen


Pinnacle studio av/dv ver.9 retail at newegg.com under software digital imaging and editing. comes with software and a pci capture card. works with any camcorder.


No no, not hardware, I am looking for software that allows full screen wile your puttting it on your HDD.


iuVCR supports it (I think) it but causes severe performance degradation that may result in dropped frames.


Ok I have Pinnacle Studio you answerd my question perfectly thank you. But I Asked it wrong. You can “CAPTURE” “EDIT” “MAKE MOVIE” What I really needed is when I “CAPTURE” it I want that to be full screen. Thanks in advance.

I am sorry for taking everyones time.