Putting utube vidios on cd

can anybody help me,im trying to download utube videos to cd is there any good free software.please help.john thanks

Use something like, OrbitDownloader or Videodownloadhelper etc. to grab the clips and once on your HDD burn them to CD…What are you going to play these CD discs containing .flv files on?

I haven’t tried to burn any .flv’s to a CD.I did burn some to DVD with DVDFlick the results were as expected.
I also did just the mp3’s I made out of YouTube .flv’s .They sound as expected also.
Neither are going to win any best of prises.

Hey cholla, I’m just wondering if the OP is going to be converting the FLVs or just burning them to CD…

Replay Converter is a good tool for converting flv files.

ive found a programe called clipextractor it works quite well,im going to try to convert them to play on the house player.clone2go,is vert good at converting files and easy to use.thanks for helping me