Putting two DVD's onto one?



My roommate refuses to compress any of his dvds which has led to him having a lot of movies that are on two disks. He dosent seem to mind getting up to switch the disk 3/4 of the way through the movie. I am trying to burn his two disks onto one with a bit of compression… I really dont mine compressing the file a little. How can I go about doing this? I have DVD decryptor and Shrink 3.2. Any ideas?



good question


just compress them from the original dvd.


I dont have the orig ones. I guess you could say I am trying to backup his backups for him if that makes sense. He left all of his origs at home and only brought his backups, which are mostly 2 disks per movie.


since you don’t own the originals, you don’t exactly have a right to make a backup. this would be considered piracy, and against forum rules.