Putting tv episodes on dvd with a menu system


Ive downloaded quite a few southpark eps (not illegal) (.avi) and Im lookin to burn them onto a dvd to watch on home dvd player. Im not sure how to do this or if this is possible as i would like to have a menu system so I can choose which episodes i would like to watch at any given time. Will I need relevant codecs to get these to work on dvd player and I know .avi aint that great so is there another file extension i should be looking for that will write to dvd no problem with menus?

I have alcohol 120% and roxio media centre.

Can anyone advise on how to do this and if it is possible and what software I’ll need.

Thanks guys

The simplest for someone new to all this is NeroVision, you load in say 6 of the avi’s, it will allow you to set up a menu and then it will encode each to dvd standards and finally burn out the DVD for you. The quality wont be that great but it generally works.