Putting subtitles in a movie

Okay. I have a movie in English but my friend want some subtitles in spanish since he can’t completely understand it.

I have heard that it’s somehow possible to put subtitles in a movie.

So can someone tell me if it’s possible?

and if it is, explain me how, please?

Thanks a lot.

You want to add subtitles to a movie that you play from your computer? I’m listing two sites and a link to another program to help you with adding subtitles.


If you need the actual subtitle file that you want to add just google for ‘movie subtitles’, there are several free download sites.

I can’t give you a step-by-step, this is something I only play around with and don’t really use. Maybe someone else with some real experience doing this will post.

Ok and then by adding the subtitles with this programs in my computer and then converting it to a DVD format file and play it in the DVD, will it have subtitles?