Putting split disc back onto one

I have a few movies that I backed up with Clonedvd 2 and split the disc when I did. My question is once I’ve split the disc can I use clone to put it back together onto one disc. Thanks for any imput.

Come on…somebody must know something

I own CloneDVD2 and took a look at doing this. So far have not found a way. I have done this with DVDshrink, you can select the files that make up one side and then the files from the other side. When I tried this with CloneDVD2 I lost the selection of the first files when I selected the second set of files. I will play around some more and post here if I find a way. Maybe someone else will answer in the meantime.

Apparently not a current feature of CloneDVD2. Look at post #5 of this thread;
and you will see it is on the ‘wishlist’. Hopefully these improvements will be incorporated eventually.

Just dig out your original disc and copy it again.

That will work in his case. But I have some ‘flipper’ disks (ex. Goodfellas R1) where is would be nice to combine both sides on one DVD5 or DVD9 to avoid having the flip the disk during viewing the main feature. I used Shrink to do this but would like to be able to do it CloneDVD2 now that I bought and use it in most cases,

With DVD Shrink 3.0 Beta 5, you can merge data from two (or more) DVDs onto one.

It’s not the “current” version anymore. Basically you click RE-AUTHOR button and another instance of the program opens up. You click and drag the file(s) from the original window to the new one, and so on.

I can email you the program (it’s tiny) to you. Please write to me at mylittlepooky@yahoo.com.


Yes Shrink can do this, as I mentioned in an earlier post. Have verified the current version of Shrink ( 3.2.15) can be used you don’t have to go to an older version to do this.

I really appreciate everyone’s response. Hopefully this will get intergrated into future versions on Clonedvd2. Sorry I didn’t catch that in the “wishlist” Kringles.

I was more or less curious Olli as to whether Clone had the ability to perform the function. I’ve already put a few of them onto single disc from original.

I already have the last and latest version of Dvdshrink. I’ll have to try that just to see if it’ll work for me. Thanks Pooky

Hopefully, some of our wishes will come true.

I looked everywhere and found this guide: http://www.dvdshrink.info/compilation.php

The older version of DVDshrink opens up another window when you RE-AUTHOR, and the current one does not. It is so simple to do it following the guide above.


This can be done with the latest Shrink (3.2.15);
Open Shrink
Open files for first part or side of movie
select reauthor
select title for first part
select full disc
select open files for second part of movie
select reauthor
select title for second part of movie

This process can be used to join split movies or two or more different movies or clips. Note process can be continued to add third, fourth or more portions. I just tried this out and was able to fit two movies (movie only) on a DVD-9 target with no need for compression. For this purpose the old version of shrink could be used. If any compression is needed then the latest would would be best. I would think that the latest would (or should) have the most bug fixes and be the best choice in either case. Goes to show ‘there is more than one way to skin the cat’.

Merging with DVD Shrink will get rid of all the menus. You can put disks together preserving menus with DvdReMake Pro. Here are some guides:
Merge Previously Split DVDs
“One-click” dvds merging

or this could work too