Putting multiple transcoded ratDVD files on 1 DVD?



Is that possible?

Good application: Star Wars 3-5 (no NOT 1-3 ;)) on ! DVD.


Yes. Thats possible. Once I put the three matrix movies on one DVD and all parts of Indiana Jones on another DVD… however, sometimes with three movies you need to adjust the quality down a bit. Two movies is usually no problem. Of course everything depends on the movies.


I tried to put a dvd4 with 5 CVD’s (total lenght it’s 6’30 hours :O) it tooks more than 9 hours to encode.
The final size it’s 2.2 gigas (not too bad) the quality whas the default.
Works great!!!
BUT i have no audio, originally the audio es MP2 at 48.000, rat need Ac3 audio?