Putting Multi-Disc game on DVD. Installation, not playing

Well im trying to find out how, if possible i can put a multi disc game on DVD. the game already plays without the CD, its just a pain in the ass to swap out 7+ CDs to install it.

The game is Final Fantasy XI, as well as the expansions.

If i could setup one to install the main game, as well as first expansion (5 cds) and another for the other expansion (2 cds) it would be perfect.

I thought about just burning iso images straight to the DVD, but how would that effect CD swapping during installation? It installs the main POL viewer disc, then you have to start another installation of discs 1-3, then asks for disc 1 again. then you have to put in disc 4 by itself for a new installation process and it asks for disc 1 again at the end. after that expansion disc 1-2 then back to disc 1.

any help is greatly appreciated. im using Nero6 as well as alcohol 120%.

if you just put all of the ISOs onto the disc you can mount them using alcohol’s virtual drive as needed

i’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong, but you won’t be able to have five bootable cds on one disc. it does depends on the structure of the disc though…if the game only cares that all the files are there then you could get away with burning a mess of files to the dvd, but the elaborate installation process leads me to believe it’s reading each disc and the structure/commands on the disc are necessary to the installation.

i think your best bet is to burn all of the ISOs that you can fit onto a dvd as data files and use that as sort of like the installtion library. when it asks for each disc you simply mount it to the virtual drive from the dvd…

you’ll still be doing a lot of switching, but nothing physically leaves drives…you just have to do it on the virtual drive. that also cuts down on the number of discs you have to keep track of as well.

well i dont mean bootable, there would be 3 setup.exe on the first dvd, and 1 on the 2nd. i just need to be able to press “Enter” when it asks for the next CD, and have it find it on the DVD. I dont mind running the setups individually, its mostly just the CD swapping that is hell.

Thanks tho ill try putting all the ISO’s on 1 DVD and see how it goes from there.