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What is the best way of getting mp3s onto a cd ???..i know the usual way of changing them to wav files then burning them over…but isnt there another way where u save MUCH MUCH more space ???..ive heard of putting up to a couple of hours worth of audio on a cd…is this a rumour ???


You can put them on a CD in MP3 format, but you can only play them on a computer, not in your car etc…

If you want to play them in the car, they have to be converted to WAV, then burned.(note: “nero” does this on the fly, no need to convert first.)

If you want to put MP3’s on a CD, for storage, or for playing them on a computer, copy them as “Data”, not “Audio”.

As far as how much will fit, most CD’s are 650 MB, and most good quality MP3’s are between 2 and 5 MB’s…you do the math…

Any good burner program will tell you how much room you have left, after you start dragging and dropping the files to the new compilation.

Then there is “overburning”, but that’s another subject.

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Use Nero Burning Rom to burn mp3 files directly on a audio cd. Just drag and drop the mp3 files in de audio window in Nero and burn burn burn. You’ll find Nero http://www.ahead.de and you’ll find a patch at http://astalavista.box.sk

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