Putting movies onto DVD-R cd

I have downloaded movies on my hard-drive and would like to put them on a DVD-R cd. Which software do i use, as i have tried so many and they dont work.
Please help.

I was going to come up with a sarcastic response, but I wouldn’t even know where to start!

Use DVDShrink/DVDCRYPTER, or there are dozens of others. If you don’t have a clue as to what you are doing, I suggest that you start at www.videohelp.com .

No no, he wants to put a movie onto a DVD-R CD. I don’t know if such a thing even exists… oh, ok I’m being an ass. sigh

Original poster, you need to read! READ READ READ the guides.

Please read also this thread, it contains many useful tips:

And a DVD-R cd is a contradiction in terms…it is either a DVD-R or a CD(-R). Furthermore, there is also a difference between a DVD-R and a DVD+R, whereas the CD only has CD-R (leaving the rewritable (RW) option out of it).

Look, he(she) made a mistake. I thought we were here to help newbies, not make them feel stupid. Maybe its not the program, some dvd players don’t play burned dvds or vcds. Explain a little more in detail what you’re doing, also what programs are you using. here are some suggestions: if the movie is an avi, i use vsodivxtodvd to convert to dvd. The program will create the folders you need to burn to dvd. If the movies are mpgs and you want to burn vcds, one of the easiest i’ve ever used is vcdeasy. It can be as simple as drap and drop the mpgs, it will convert and burn for you. The later versions aren’t free though. The program i use now is svcd2dvd because it will put several movies on one dvd, though again its not free. What i would do is try to get the free versions of vsodivxtodvd and vcdeasy and play with them, they are very easy to use. Here’s some links: http://www.svcd2dvdmpg.com/ http://www.vso-software.fr/divxtodvd/divxtodvd.htm http://www.vcdeasy.org/index.php If you can’t find the free versions let me know, and i’ll do what i can as far as getting them to you.

Downloaded movies… so not owned for backup?

Could be legitimate, there is no indication that these downloaded movies are illegal, so stop casting stones…

Da_Tax, I have seen you close other threads with the same lack of info on similar methods. There are no legal ways to download movies at this moment in time though it is being considered now speeds are picking up on broadband. Actually I will rephrase that, no legal ways recognised by the studios.

Legal Movie downloads: http://www.movielink.com/ Though i’ve never used it and never would; the site won’t even work with Firefox.

Thanks the help From Da Taxman.