Putting more than 1 avi onto a dvd

Hi & many apologies if this has been repeated (I have looked on the forums but not found the answer using the programmes I’ve got).

I have 3 avi’s that I would like to put onto 1 dvd.

I have tmpgenc plus 2.5 & tmpgenc dvd author (as well as nero) … will a combination of those do what I want?

I’m not too worried about menu’s, but if the above programmes will do that too then all the better.

Any help gratefully accepted


Putting multiple AVI’s onto one dvd is indeed possible, but it depends on what format the avi’s are, the size of the avi’s, the end quality you want, and which format you wish to save the audio in. There are numerous programs which will allow you to bring multiple avi’s into the timeline, and make chapter markers, add effects, and create menu’s at whatever points you desire. If you are fairly new to this, I highly suggest you spend some time reading at www.videohelp.com. You can find answers to just about any question you could come up with, just by searching the specific forums.

All you need is a good transcoder and authoring tool.

If your standalone DVD-player has a DivX logo, all you need to do is burn the 3 files to a “Data Disc” with Nero.

No such luck with a DivX logo on the standalone dvd player I’m afraid …

I’ve got TMPGenc Plus 2.5, TMPGenc DVD Author, Nero & hopefully will be able to convert the avi’s to mpeg2, then use DVD Author to turn them into the vobs etc.

At what stage, using TMPGenc do I add the extra avi(s) or mpeg(s) to make a “mini” compilation to put onto dvd?

May we ask what is the make and model number of your player? Some of them will play MPEG4 encodings, without necessarily having a visible DivX certification.

The latest version of Convertxtodvd creates a menu for multiple avis. You may also want to look at DIKO and Avi2dvd. Both of these are free.

Do you have a re-writable CD or DVD ?
If so you could do a quick burn of one .avi’s and see if you player can cope, at least it would answer that side of it, else you will have to turn them back into a DVD compliant mpeg, there are many things that can do this and you will need to work out the size and if you want them with a menu built in or just run together as one.