Putting Films/movies onto dvd-r

Hello everyone.

I wanted to learn about putting films/movies onto dvd-r
So i managed to download a program called DVD Flick which automatically found my film i had downloaded.

The film title which i wont mention had this following it
DvDrip Eng FXG .avi.

The program worked very well, and i just put my dvd-r in my dvd player and it worked perfectly…

So as a bit of a beginner, i am wanting to learn a little about putting films onto DVD-R.

All i know is that “avi” stands for “audio video interleave”
And that DVD flick supports the following formats
avi , mpeg, mp2 , mp3, mpeg4, mp4 , mkv , mka , ogm , ogg vorbis and any other format as long as the appropriate “directshow” filter’s are installed for it…

Is the any links for a beginner to learn a bit about the basics of all this :rolleyes:

DvDrip Eng FXG .avi.

This shows that your avi file is made from a dvd by one of the groups that distributes material through torrents. These avi files almost always violate copyright, and are not discussed on our forums. You should review the rules of the forum regarding copyright protected material before posting again. http://club.myce.com/f34/announcement-rules-forum-some-tips-guidelines.html

For basic definitions and guides for video, I suggest you do some reading over at videohelp.com The total amount of information will be overwhelming at first, but the glossary, and their guides should be a good starting point. www.videohelp.com

thankyou Kerry56.

Yes i had an idea it would be an original film i was downloading, and that it must be “copywrited” so must all the films you download basically the major one’s anyway.

But your link is a good place to start, because i will be putting Video clips , mobile phone clips, various other clips in different file formats on to DVD-R at some point, so i will need to know how all this is done…

Thanks again