Putting duplicate files on a single CD

I am now sending out my books with the software burned onto a CD, instead of the 3 1/2" floppy that I had been the media of choice when first published (1996-98).

I have an auto-run file and self installing program on the CD that creates a directory and loads the Crypto files for the book onto the user’s hard drive.

It occurred to me today, after spending some time reviving a DVD that had read problems caused by dirt, scratches, etc. that it might be prudent to put another (duplicate) set of files on the book CDs to serve as backup in case the portion of the CD holding the original files becomes unreadable.

Is there a way to do that? I thought about creating a directory for the duplicate file (called Backup) which would allow files of the same name to be stored on a single CD, but wondered how I could provide access for the user that is not familiar with file management techniques.

Any suggestions?

I guess this is more of a programming question than a CD burning question. I didn’t know where I should post it so I’ve put it here in the Newbie section.


Personally, I would just leave it how you have already created it. For the few people that damage their disc, then can just contact the publisher for a new copy.

The book series is officially ‘Out of Print’ since the publisher retired and closed their doors. They shipped the remainder of the inventory to me and I have it stored in the garage.

So, for sales (filling orders) I’m now the publisher. :eek:

On two occasions, in the past year, I’ve received e-mail requests for the CRYPTO files from readers who were unable to read the floppy.

That’s when I switched to CDs (which I burn myself as needed).

I thought that putting a ‘backup’ on the CD (I have lots of room) would be a good way of addressing future ‘can’t read the CD problems.’ :wink: