Putting documents onto forum

Can somebody advise me on how one puts a document on the forum.
A photogragh is no problem but how does one insert a rich text document after pressing the print screen button.
The forum doesn’t except this file type. :confused:

If you absolutely need to make a document available for download, you can make a ZIP or RAR archive file, add your Rich Text File document to the archive, and then upload the archive file just as you would an image.

There is a size limit for atachment uploads, and not all forums on CD Freaks allow attachments.

Be sure to check that any file you upload is free of viruses and other malware!

Nicadair: you need to use software capable of saving the windows as .png files, as discussed very briefly here. Perhaps other forum members can suggest suitable free alternatives.

After doing a Print Screen (or “Alt + Print Scrn.” for the active window only :wink: ) you need to open and use the “Paste” function in your favourite image viewing program. I’ve used IrfanView for the last 8 or 9 years, but even Paint will do. Once “pasted” you can then “Save as” a .png image file for attaching to your posts.

EDIT: re-reading the original question, if it’s a text document, don’t use Print Screen, but just Copy and Paste the text into your post. Then select/mark the text in question again and put it in CODE tags (one of the icons in the Go Advanced screen).

Many thanks, now I’ve sussed it. :bow: :bow:

That’s an excellent post :iagree: