Putting avi files on a dvd in vcd format

First off i am a newb to this stuff, I have probably included more info than is necessary below, but better too much than too little
First I have trial versions or full versions of the following sofware

winavi converter
nerovision express
ulead dvd moviefactory

my machine
cpu xp2500+
ram 512

standalone dvd player = Sanyo SL33

Question starts Here

Ok I have a bunch of AVI files (about 350Mbs each) that i want to put to dvd

In nerovision and ulead when i add one of these files to the project they instantly take up about 2 GBs of space which is not what I want, I want to be able to fit 5 or 6 of these files on the dvd and be able to view them in my standalone player

Now I know you can put multiple vcds on a dvd disk
and that the sound needs to be reencoded when you do this (ulead does this automatically, i don’t know about nero)

Now the real question is
Do I have to convert each avi file to a vcd first and then put them all on the dvd

or is there some way to tell the program to put the avi files on to the dvd in vcd format

As for programs i have used the nerovision thingie and understand it a bit, whereas i only downloaded the ulead dvd movie factory last night and it already confuses me with its multitude of options (I will start reading the manual)

Any help would be appreciated

Ok no worries solved the problem

outout is a little Jittery? as in it isn’t that smooth in parts, audio is fine though


I’m having the same problem. I acquired Ulead through purchasing a digital camera, and have kept it for the reason it can burn VCDs… But it only can to CD-Rs… Not DVD-Rs, even though I have and am using a DVD-R drive to burn onto the DVD-Rs. Anyway, the DVD-R drive I purchased has Roxio 6 DVD Burning on it. What I want to do, and it says it will, is burn .avi files onto the DVD-R. But it says it’s an invalid file, even though I can successfully view it with Windows Media Player (which is fickle anyway), and even though it says it will burn avi files, it isn’t and won’t.

Help me before I burn the Roxio software. As in destroy.

Depends which version of Roxio 6 you have. My old version of Easy Cd & DVD Creator 6 enables the encoding of avi files to VCD,SVCD & DVD format.

However, there are basic versions of V6 that don’t have this functionality.

I’m surprised that Ulead doesn’t allow the creation of DVDs as well as VCD. Maybe they just supply a lite or basic version with the camera.

Which is retarded, since the camera made video, too, so why not want DVD quality/size if you can play VCD somewhere, like on a DVD player? Oiy, oh well…

I have the same problem as you. I’ve got some files just under 4.7gb worth, and I’m trying to put them on a dvd using Ulead. But when I put them all on there, it says they take up about 45gb!

I would use Nero, but it doesn’t recognise the files in either AVI or WMV format, and when I do burn a disc using Nero the quality is crap, it jumps, crashes… and is just terrible.

How did you sort it? :confused: