Putting an AVI on a CD?

Hello all…I was wondering how you go about putting an AVI file on a CD. :o :o
Say the file is a “DVDrip” and was made into the AVI file(821,630 kb); isnt it going to be to big for my 700mb memorex cd? Thanks

Why not put it onto a dvd?
What do you want to play it back on?

Sounds weird to me…what is it?

I would have to use convertX2DVD to get the files going; then nero to burn. I went that route already and it (Casino somthing…) only took up 2gb on my dvd disk. The file said dvd tested…I want to play it on a sony dvd player…Thanks for the quick reply.

So, I take it your “dvd” version didn´t play…right?

It´s Casino Royale?
There´s a thread running about the problems with that one (I haven´t read it…suggest you take a look)

no it played…i just have never tried or put a movie on a cd…

Use AutoGK, to put on cd…It’ll work, trust me I always tell the truth,even when I lie… :cool:

Take a look here

Maybe find something useful

without implying too much,as to where you got the file from??? :rolleyes:
try using blindwrite to make a write to cd. its what I’ve used in the past & its allway worked for me.say is there a cue file with the avi or such, if so it would help to say so. :iagree:
most here,not all , but most here visit all over the web & see everything so
it would not be to shocking to find help for somthing that you found somewhere else…
good luck!! & happy burning. :iagree:

Using MediaCoder, convert the AVI file to VCD (easy to do with the program) and burn with Nero, using the VCD setting.

yes read link provided by deanimator. I’d use AutoGk, or Super. Also i may be mistaken, but Nerovision express will do it also, not sure since I hardly ever use Nero these days!!! :slight_smile:

Have a look at this link:

and have also a look at this page ( in www.videohelp.com )

Your main problems are - space and player compatibility

AVI - Mpeg4 or DviX can be burnt to a CD.
Also you can convert it to VCD, SVCD or DVD format - even a DVD can be burnt to a CDr, if the total size allows it.
Burning a DVD to a CD produces a format that nobody talks about today but was referred before DVD burners became so popular - MiniDVD
Some years ago, I bouht a home player that could do it - but there were only a few around. Using the PC, PowerDVD and winDVD could do it.
I used to burn these miniDVDs for home video (so short runs up to 15 to 18 minutes) using an Ulead so called DVD plugin, because by the time video editors would not include such a thing, but as it used Mpeg2 the quality was the same as the DVD.
By the same time it was usual that some people would “backup” to Cd using DivX (it should be version 3 by the time).
So, have a look at the guides and see if you find something that suits you, but at the price of blank DVDs the appeal doesn’t seem to be the same anymore, and you will not get accrued compatibility using a CD, probably.