Putting a wav file as a wav file on a cd

I am sorry if this is a stupid question but I am having a ton of problems with this. I have even downloaded a number of different burning programs and I can still not figure out how to do this. What I am trying to do is burn wav files onto a cd and keep them as wav files. No matter how slow I make the program burn the files it keeps compressing them, I know they will fit otherwise because the songs are from an album that fits onto one cd. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Hi there,
You should be able to burn audio .wav files using pretty much any burning program without compression taking place. The burning speed will not make a difference to file size or compression.
Please let us know if you are making a copy of an audio CD, or wanting to burn audio files that are already on your hard drive? Also what applications are you using?
If you are copying a CD, then just make a direct copy of an audio cd using the preset option that exist in most applications.
If you are burning files from your hard drive - double check what format your original files are in. I know you said that they are wav, but please make sure that you have not unknowingly ripped the files into a compressed format. Windows Media Player, for example, will tend towards automotic settings for MP3 compression unless you specify that you want something different.

I think it would help if you described in detail, exactly what you are doing :iagree:

well if you want to burn wav files as files on the CD not as an audio CD then choose data CD when selecting the type of CD you will burn in the burning program and the just add the WAV files. If i haven’t understood well what you’re trying to do then maybe you can explain a bit more what you are trying to do.

But, I don’t think you should see file compression whether the .wav files are burned as data or audio CD :confused:
If there is data compression, it probably implies a change of file format.

Ok so I am sure they are wav files. You see I re arranged the order of some tracks from in album in cubase(I’m sure you have but if you havent heard of cubase it is an audio recording and mixing utility) and exported them as wav files. I know they are wav files because it shows it as such in the properties, also each file takes up about 300 MB(there are only two because of how I did it in cubase). I have tried to burn these files to a disc using blaze media pro and aceburn. It burns just fine, but when i go to check how much space the two files take up it shows them as only taking up around 44 kb. Also I am trying to make an audio cd.

If those 2 files are track01.cda & track02.cda then that’s exactly what an Audio CD looks like and you’ve done the job correctly & they should play in any CD player.

Oh no it plays. Thats for sure. I just dont want them to be compressed at all and they are being compressed from 300 MB to 44 KB which is really lame. It burns it fine, and plays it fine i just want to have every bit of the original encoded audio(even things I can’t hear because the brain still registers those sounds).

They are not compressed. the two files track01.cda & track02.cda 44kb each are not the music tracks, they are just telling you that its an audio CD. You can’t see the audio track on audio CD in windows explorer. You can be assured that no compression have been done to the wave files. after all, 44KB is enough only for around 0.2 sec of audio. Your tracks have the quality of the original mix.

OHH. Ok i didn’t understand what you were saying. Sorry. THANK YOU! I supremely needed that. Haha that means I have like 5 copys of this thing that are right. Thank you so much.

That’s good that it’s working fine for you :iagree:
Seeing the track tags in small number of KB can be confusing.
If you open the burned CD in an audio application you’d be able to see the full files - then you’ll be sure that it has worked.