Putting a nd6650 external into a laptop


I purchased a NEC ND-6650A external dvdburner, the slim model made for laptops :wink: .

Because a only have a dvdreader in my Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro 2100 i wanted to change it and place my new NEC instead.
When i started the laptop, before even starting windows, a IDE #1 ERROR appeared on the screen. In windows, your BINFlash utility didn’t find any devices (same result at the dosprompt). :sad:

What must i do to make my necdrive work internaly? :confused:

You must change your drive to Reverse ATA/Slave Firmware. It’s a known bug in Toshiba laptops. However you will either need a different laptop that recognizes your drive or an IDE adapter for this procedure.

So, i put my nec back into the external case. I made (with Binflash-Dump) a backup of my current firmware. (I don’t no why, but it seems the right way to do so, i thought i could re-install this backup after i flashed the bootcode, but not.)
I used your “NEC ND6650A Master bootcode flasher” and it seems that it worked fine, the drive’s greed led was blinking after the procedure (like it was told in the instructions).

Then, and from here i’m not sure i am doing the right thing, i put the NEC into the laptop. When i started up the IDE #1 ERROR message didn’t appear :slight_smile: and when windows started he told me that a new dvd-drive had been found! :slight_smile: :clap:
However, the drive itself wasn’t working and the green led now never stops blinking. :confused:

I tried to flash my dumped bin-file, but Binflash told me it wasn’t the right firmware anymore. I also tried to flash the “Original 1.62 Firmware” from your site, but failed again. :sad:

What must i do now to make my new internal drive work? :frowning:

Maybe remove it from laptop and put it back. I did it and it worked

I wish it was that easy :cool: . I tried to remove him and to put him back in, but no result. :sad: