Putting 300GB hard drive in my pre-assembled Compaq



I have a Compaq Presario with AMD Athlon XP 3000+, 960mb RAM (other 64 is for onboard video), and an 80GB hard drive.

I want to buy a Seagate 300GB Ultra ATA hard drive. It’s on sale at Fry’s for $129.99AR, which I was told is a good price for this drive, especially as it has a 5 year warranty.

Is there a way to put all my contents on the 80GB drive and have it transferred to the 300GB drive so that it will be the same as before but with more space?

My 80GB came from Compaq divided into a C and a D drive. The D drive is not supposed to be used. When I click on it, a warning message shows up about restoring the system or whatever. The D drive is about 7GB while the C drive is 68GB. Added up, I don’t know what happened to the remaining 5GB. Anyways, I want it so that the D drive with they system backups/restore is still 7GB while the C drive would be about 290GB or whatever is leftover on the 300GB drive.

That way all my programs I added after I got the computer will be there and I dno’t have to mess around with reinstalling programs and drivers and stuff.


The only program left I know of is Norton Ghost. I have done this dozens of times with PowerQuest Drive Image but Norton bought them out. Two caveats. NEVER let the two drives boot up together after you have copied the image from one to another. Also, once you have copied the 80 gig to the 300 gig you will never get it back onto the 80 gig even though it looks like it should fit. If you can find a copy of Drive Image 2002, it will work like a charm. There might still be some out there, check Google and Ebay.

Be prepared for a few programs to ask for serial numbers again.