Putting 2 DVD Movies onto 1 DVD

Right, here we go…my friend wants to back up his dvd movies, but hes such a cheap ass that he wants to back up two onto 1 single layer DVD each time (i already tried telling him hes an idiot, so that won’t help), i just wanted to know if theres any software that would allow him to do this? Menus would be a preference but if that isn’t possible then it doesn’t matter. I had a look at the tutorials, i liked the look of the one for backing up tv episodes (found here http://www.neophile.net/~hammer/index.htm ) but just wanted to know if there was a better way of doing it for movies. Thankyou.

You can also search under “flipper”, like in here

Nero should be able to do this … but the quality may be affected with 2 movies on one disc

What a cheapskate! Blanks are now incredibly inexpensive compared to a couple years ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, if I wanted to do such a thing, here’s how:

Reauthor in DVDShrink and add both titles. (The movies must be on your hard drive). Backup with no compression. Then run that file through DVDRebuilder using the “Half D1” Setting. Full D1 is 720x480 in NTSC land, half D1 is (guess?) 352x480. So essentially you still have adequate bitrate for that rez. Half D1 is nearly equivalent to SVCD, a little softer than full DVD but not bad at all.

If you absolutely MUST have a menu, drop both titles in a DVD authoring app and make your menu. And don’t ask about keeping submenus, not practicable.

Good luck. :wink:

there’s a guide in the guides & tutorials subforum for putting together two movies on the same disc, but without menus. as fritzi93 mentioned, if you want menus, you’ll have to use a dvd authoring program, such as dvdlab.

yeah i know, hes such a cheap ass, i’ve already had the discussion that the quality will be poor etc but he doesn’t seem to care, i even suggested he convert it to divx and stick two or three on a disc, but nooooo he wants it to play on any dvd player. I don’t care what he does, maybe if he manages it (and thats another story cause no doubt he’ll ask me what all this means) then he’ll stop being such a cheapass and just do it like everyone else. Thanks for the help, no doubt i’ll be posting again on this!